Asadullah Ali

Asadullah Ali

asadullah ali al-andalusiSince the 19 terrorists openly proclaimed on their own to be "Muslim jihadists", the general public backlash against Muslims generally speaking in the US and European countries had been serious.

The US government retaliated aggressively, definitely not precisely in most cases, against selective countries that are muslim as Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The rest of just what took place and how Al-Qaeda ended up being crippled militarily while the killing of its frontrunner Osama bin Laden may 2, 2011 (about ten years later on) in Pakistan, happens to be history.

Those things via army assaults, drones or else until today, by the Western powers against selective Muslim groups and countries, are provided a boost that is major this new United States president, Donald Trump, who's commonly observed become the most anti-Muslim US president ever. These actions have actually subtly strengthened the psychology of Islamophobia within the subconscious minds of numerous non-Muslims.

The rise in Islamophobia is credence that is giving the self-fulfilling prophecy regarding the late US governmental scientist Samuel Huntington's concept associated with the "Clash of Civilisations". Its as though the complete world that is muslim at war because of the Christian world or it's Islam versus Christianity.

This can be what the extremists from both sides (Muslims and Christians) want but why should the comfort and justice loving individuals of all religions enable it? Both these international monotheist religions have actually a lot more similarities in content and origin than their observed small distinctions, that the extremists are playing up and exploiting to the hilt to cause strife.

Extremist groups such as Al-Qaeda, IS (in Syria and Iraq) and the Abu Sayyaf (in southern Philippines) may seem to be losing militarily, but their influence like the Taliban as well as other terror groups round the global world haven't waned and should never be underestimated.
Asadullah Ali al-Andalusi is a research other for Yaqeen Institute and the creator associated with Andalusian venture, a research that is independent for counter-Islamophobia studies. He holds degrees in both Western and Islamic Philosophy and it is currently pursuing his Ph.D in Islamic Studies. He focuses primarily on subjects pertaining to the philosophy of science, atheism, terrorism, Islamic political thought and ethics, along with other dilemmas surrounding the global community that is muslim.
No. We worry what we do not understand. We worry the unfamiliar. Prejudice is made upon this sort of ignorance also it becomes the fuel for war and violence. It's the truth that sets us free.

The news all together is just a effective entity. It offers the power to alter, influence, and produce, in both good and bad means. Regarding creating an "image" of Islam, the news is not doing this kind of job that is nice. It is an truth that is obvious news channels are away to produce a revenue first and foremost, but with the amount of power they need to influence comes the duty doing good and inform truth, maybe not misinform and place fear in the hearts of watchers.

Whenever Islam is shown on the news, most commonly it is a violent work, which is shown over and over repeatedly and again in order to stress the fact that the violence were attached to Islam. Now there are violent individuals in Islam, but it's also a truth that a lot of Muslims are good, normal individuals. Another facts are there is violence in Christianity, and especially Judaism, but those aren't shown over and over again.

To ensure that the issue of Islamophobia to be resolved, which is a battle that is long-term whoever has any sense of truth must utilize the news to supply proper, sensible, and true knowledge to be able to show the actual tale of worldwide Islam.

Remember that profit is the main objective of news networks, and they'll utilize controversial and misinformed subjects to pull in audiences, who in change receive this fictional fear and myth of subjects, such as for example Islam.

While contemplating complex problems like racism and Islamophobia, solutions are difficult to built when it comes to being straight and realistic forward. No matter what solution is placed to action, it should be described as a collective work from all parties, like the news, politicians, spiritual leaders, educators, not to mention, the normal guy and girl.

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