4 Types Of Silk

4 Types Of Silk

Mulberry Silk

Mulberry is the preferred of all classes of silk and produced by Bombyx mori that completely feeds on the leaves of mulberry plant. This type of silk shirt is what most industrial silk is made. There are additionally totally different sorts of weaving and combination of various materials that makes silk products has completely different look and prices. Under are few examples:

Satin Lingerie - Lots of material can use the satin model weaving and thus make the up side of the fabric shinny and slicky. It is combined with three totally different sort of different material equivalent to nylon with one hundred% mulberry silk. Satin Lingerie bedding is soft and shinny.
Acetate Bridal - Silk mixed with nice acetate materials is most used with bridal dresses and related items. That's the reason it calls bridal. This material will be more conforming to make bed making easier.
Silk Charmeuse - charmeuse is a silk material with satin weaving. This sort of weaving makes the fabric look lustrous and it drape well. It is so soft and may be fragile and difficult to deal with at time. Nonetheless, it's completely elegant and stylish. This is the highest quality of silk bedding you'll be able to find. It's also the highest price of all silk products. Typically cotton is mixed with silk charmeuse; it produced a semi-lustrous look and actually. Silk Charmeuse combined with cotton gives the better of 2 materials. This blended materials is less complicated to care and is used to make bedding merchandise and draperies.
Tasar Silk

Mostly Tasar or Tussah is used to craft furnishing items. This silk is made from silk worm called Antherarea Mylitta. They are reared on Arjun and Asan plant as a replacement for mulberry plant. This form of silk is less lustrous than mulberry silk and they have a copper color. Different sorts of tasar silk are in better quality when they're produced by Anthrea proyeli J. that is consumed pure oak wood plant.

Muga Silk

Muga comes from Asian, India. It came from Antheraea assamensis silkworms that's nourished on the leaves of Soalu plant. This silk has a colour of golden yellow.

Eri Silk

To be able to get Eri, silk worms are must be reared on castor leaves and they call these silk worms as Philosamia ricini. It is usually named Endi or Errandi.

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