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Luke Bryan


Glance at the design of this magazine and flip to your back, typically where in actuality the reviews are found. You ought to be seeking CD Reviews of bands that you have never heard about. Often, the reviewer will list the record label it really is on. If you see a lot of bands you've never ever been aware of getting CD Reviews for the reason that magazine, purchase it and go house.

Begin recording the true names associated with publications and addresses or kind them right into a spreadsheet. (if you don't have spreadsheet, check always down Google Documents.)

Create a database of magazines and papers. Every local paper within a 2 hour radius of the hometown is in this database. Find out of the names associated with the music reviewers and put "ATTN : cd reviewers name" after the address.

Now you need a one-sheet that you have a database of names and addresses to work with. Some bands make the error of giving a complete press kit. Understand this scenario from the reviewer's shoes. How many CDs do they enter the mail every day? Where will they be supposed to place the stack that is giant of bio's they have? There frequently isn't the full time in the afternoon to see most of the product they get AND review the music. Therefore keep it simple.
To learn about Old Dominion and Zac Brown Band, please go to the page Old Dominion (

Kerrang! is a rock music mag, started in 1981, aimed at the Rock/Metal end of the market, that will be now published by Bauer customer Media. The magazine's uncommon title is really an onomatopoeic and is simply the noise that is made whenever a power that is loud is played on a guitar. The mag is in a on-going struggle with the NME for the UK's biggest attempting to sell regular music book. The website is // that is http.

Drowned In Noise or DiS is really a UK based music webzine. Your website (not a mag) has marked a big change in music journalism since it can be an music that is editorially independent having a collection of mainly unpaid contributors from right across the world. This style that is new seen the increase of bloggers in music journalism and contains seen articles appearing online questioning if music journalism can nevertheless be a paid career.


Clash is a music that is popular fashion mag established in 2004 by the Clash brand, which stretches to live occasions round the country and festival partnerships (such as for example RockNess and obtain Loaded within the UK, and Dour in Belgium). The mag's online existence starred in 2008

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