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Respond To Customers Quickly And Easily

Respond To Customers Quickly And Easily

Communications with customers need to be fast and responsive to avoid losing them to the competition. Websites are one of the means customers have to reach businesses, managers, and owners, but others are essential. Texts and messages are faster and can avoid unfavorable posts on social media. Frustrated customers are more likely to take to their social media pages than they are to wait to speak to a manager or business owner. A lack of timely response can damage the business reputation.

An Innovative Platform

A messaging platform is available to help keep lines of communication open. Podium is a platform that allows customers and business managers or owners to communicate in a variety of ways. Emails take time and few people check them throughout the day. The attention span of the population is declining every day. Customers want answers and problem resolutions now.

Texts and messages are ways to fill that expectation. The response is almost instant and customer management is easier. The platform also allows owners to manage communication with employees. Messages can be assigned to specific employees.

A Mobile Workforce

This makes scheduling easy, and ensures changes are brought to the attention of the employee effected by them. Employees in several industries do not sit in an office. They are on the road making service calls, managing projects, consulting, or visiting clients. This platform streamlines all aspects of communication between a central office and the mobile workforce.

Managing Reviews

Invitations for reviews can be sent to customers automatically. Selection of review websites is available, so owners can direct customers to sites that will provide the best exposure for the business. houzz for pros, for example, will provide home decorating, remodeling, and improvement businesses and contractors the highest benefit. The site is dedicated to these areas and also provides articles, buying guides, and product reviews.

The ability to monitor reviews is also helpful because issues can be addressed promptly and avert damage to the business. Rapid response to problems also bolsters customer service. People feel valued and appreciated when they are heard and taken seriously. A fast response to their concerns conveys that intention to them and other customers following the interaction on the review site.

See for Yourself

A demonstration of the platform in action is offered on the website. Owners can view the features and benefits and determine if the results are better than the currently used platform.