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Essential Navetor Software Features

Essential Navetor Software Features

The purpose of purchasing specialized software is to maximize company efficiency and, for businesses such as veterinary clinics, organize patient information to ensure positive treatment outcomes. Unfortunately, many software programs catering to the veterinary industry focus exclusively on invoicing and company finances, which requires clinicians to purchase additional software to help them manage their patients' medical records. Navetor cloud veterinary software is different, though, offering comprehensive features designed to make everything about running a veterinary clinic easier.


Flexible Dashboards


Navetor's specialized software allows users to create custom dashboards to consolidate all of the information particular clinicians or staff members need in one place. Plus, since best veterinary software 's designed specifically for use in veterinary clinics, it's possible to check in patients right from the dashboard and view upcoming appointments. It's possible to set different permissions and roles for a flexible dashboard, which means that every staff member can access the information he or she needs without offering unrestricted permission to everyone.


Medical Records


It is extremely helpful to have all of a patient's information and medical records consolidated into one program. This allows clinics to share information between different veterinarians and even offers a client-friendly view that allows owners to check their pets' statuses and better understand their treatments. Plus, in the event the animal must be transferred to another facility to see a specialist, he or she will have access to all of the relevant information needed to make an accurate diagnosis and establish an effective treatment plan.


Convenient Appointment Calendar


Each staff member can also customize his or her calendar display, share appointments across the platform, and even check patients in right from the calendar. This makes everything from scheduling and rescheduling appointments to blocking and checking in patients much easier. It also allows staff members to view which of their patients are ready to check out and which owners are ready to receive invoices for the clinic's services.


practice software wants what's best for his or her patients, but clinics also need to keep track of their own financial health. Streamlining administrative processes and making it easier to create client invoices and estimates, track deposits, and accept payments helps clinic owners better understand their facilities' financial health. Combine this with tools designed to make keeping track of inventory easier and it's easy to see how just about any veterinary practice can optimize the clinic's workflow and ensure its ongoing financial health.